Issue 43
Spring-Summer 2019

  • Dharma Online: Teachings from the 17th Karmapa around the Web
    By Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa
  • Boundless Wisdom: A Mahamudra Practice Manual
    By Shamar Rinpoche
  • Mind, Brain & the Pure View
    By Lama Ole Nydahl
  • In the Service of Two Karmapas
    As told by Gyamkhar Tsultrim Namgyal
  • Lama Ole Nydahl Meets Thugsey
  • Excerpt from Radiant Compassion: The Life of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje
    By Gerd Bausch
  • The Participatory Universe
    By Sasha Rozenberg

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