About Us

This website is part of Buddhism Today magazine, a publication that aims to provide a taste of Tibetan Buddhism of the Karma Kagyu school and specifically, within the Kagyu lineage, Diamond Way Buddhism. This authentic, living tradition has been transmitted from teacher to student, down through the centuries, for over 2,500 years.

At the same time, we believe that no spiritual teaching can be above science or humanism — so Buddhism Today also seeks to show how the dharma complements today’s finest contemporary thinking. In addition to lamas and Buddhist practitioners, you’ll also find the writing of scientists, psychologists, artists and other critical and creative thinkers in our pages.

We hope the result will challenge and inspire you. And that Buddhism Today becomes a publication that you regularly turn to as a trustworthy source for understanding, exploring and experiencing the mind’s vast potential.

If you’d ever like to contact us with feedback, new ideas, or help with your subscription please email us at: editors@buddhism-today.org

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