Issue 36
Fall-Winter 2015

  • Lama Ole Nydahl Receives UNESCO Award
  • What is Shinay and Where Does it Belong in Meditation?
    By Hannah Nydahl
  • Hannah Nydahl
    By Kerstin Seifert
  • The Goals of Buddha’s Ways and the Four Buddha Activities
    By Lama Ole Nydahl
  • Journey of Wonder: The Meditation Caves of YolmoBy John Masciocchi
  • The Magic and Importance of Nepal in Buddhism
    By Anilou Price and Pavel Jirsa
  • Retreat Centers in the USA: Unifying and Deepening Activity
    By John Christopherson
  • Dakini Ranch: Experiencing a Holy Place
    By Benjamin Mohr
  • The Heartland Retreat Center
    By Ian Llanas and Guatham Singh
  • The Western Retreat Center
    By Eugene Trak
  • The Northeast Retreat Center
    By Tasso Kallianiotis

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